10 Ways to know you truly are a baby boomer & That You Rock!

Baby Boomers Rock! These 10 interesting facts show you why.

baby boomers rock

Welcome to my first, "Baby Boomers Rock" post. If you are a boomer or related to one, you might find these little pieces of knowledge a bit enlightening. Since there are a ton of us and still will be for some time, I like to think of this generation as unique and one of a kind, with a lot more to offer. Are you also a Baby Boomer & do you rock?

“I like to think of this "Baby Boomers Rock" blog as a statement of my own personal journey.”

So who the heck are the "Baby Boomers" and why do they Rock?

(Fact #1) They are defined as "The large generation that was born between the end of World War 2 and the mid 1960's". The baby boomer phenomenon seems to have began when people decided to start the families that they put off due to World War 2 & the Great Depression. Economic times were looking better with more businesses being started, higher earnings and more consumer products being produced.

(Fact #2) During that 15 year time span there were more than 75.8 million Americans born.

(Fact #3) Did you know that the peak year for birth's was 1957, 4.3 million babies were born that year. I was one of them.

(Fact #4) Baby Boomers make up almost 20% of the American public.

(Fact 5) 80% of Baby Boomers start their own businesses to supplement their income, be independent as well as pursue their own personal passions & interests. We have a truly entrepreneurial spirit and look for & find ways to use our varied talents. I personally have & have had, a variety of supplemental gigs: Interior Design Consultant, Brand Ambassador, Etsy Shoppe Owner, Poshmark Store Owner, Pinterest Influencer with 2.7 million monthly viewers, Website Owner and Lifestyle Blogger. Yep, we LOVE to have our own businesses.

(Fact #6) Baby Boomers spend the most money in all product categories and spend the most on luxury travel. Yet they are only targeted on their spending by 5-10% of marketing.

(Fact #7) Baby Boomers love Facebook! over 80% do! Say what?

(Fact #8) Can you guess the 2 states with the highest number of boomers?

California with 9 million & Texas with 5.6 million. Maine has the highest percentage of boomers with over 36%. Not sure what's up with that.

(Fact #9) Baby Boomers have the most disposable income, yet 60% still spend some of it on their GROWN UP Kids! Whoa!

(Fact #10) Baby Boomers are known for: their strong work ethics, being independent & self-assured, competitive, resourceful, disciplined, mentally focused & team oriented. Basically, Baby Boomers Rock!

There are oodles & oodles of more fact's that prove you are a baby boomer and that you rock. Please check back for more enlightening baby booming facts. #babyboomersrock #babyboomers #Babyboomerlifestyle #babyboomerblogger

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