5 easy steps to help you choose your interior paint colors

Updated: Oct 12

Choosing your interior paint colors doesn't have to be stressful. With these 5 steps, it can actually be fun!

Let's be honest, choosing interior paint colors for your home might be one the hardest and most important decisions in your entire life, am I overreacting? Probably. But seriously, choosing the paint colors for the interior of your house is an important decision. By following these 5 steps it might even be fun!

The color(s) that you choose are something that you are going to see every day. When you wake up, and every night when you go to sleep. It's not only you who is going to see the color selection of yours but friends and loved ones will see it too, so if you feel pressured, it's totally understandable.

Not to mention, painting your home can be expensive as well as time consuming, so picking the right color from the start is everyone's goal.

Thankfully, the internet is here to make our lives easier, by the end of this article you will be relieved and less stressed about choosing the right colors. So let's get started.

Step 1: use online internet color tools

There is a plethora of online tools to help you.

One of my personal favorite starting places is a color personality test by Sherwin Williams. It is called: ColorSnap Color ID. https://www.swcolorid.com/ It is an online quiz that you take with 10 different multiple choice questions. It's designed to help you find colors that suit you based on your personality. There are 8 different pallets with 16 coordinating colors that make choosing colors easy.

After answering the 10 questions, it supplies you with your personality color palette.

Free Spirit | Trendsetter | Naturalist | Minimalist | Creative | Enthusiast | Nurturer | Dreamer

From my experience with this quiz, I recommend that you do not overthink or over analyze the questions and your answers. Simply pick the first answer that feels best to you even if you don't exactly love the choices. When you do this, the answer you get at the end of the quiz will surprise you, as well as the colors in your personality pallet.

I have personally conducted this quiz in groups with lot's of people and have found that your personal palette is usually spot on.

Upon discovering their own personal palettes, most usually reply, "I don't like those colors", or "I never use those colors". Then upon individual discussion, they start looking at their personal color palettes and realize that they do have some of the colors in their home already, or I have found quite a few of them wearing two or three colors from their palette. The tool works really well, even if you don't like all the colors, it is a great starting off point, or even party warm-up.

By-the-way, mine came out "Creative", the description fits me to a tee and I decorate with a lot of the colors already.

Step 2: think about your favorite color

What colors are you drawn to? What colors do you wear? What colors make you feel good? Then think about how a room would look like if it was painted with that color. If you like the result then you can start building a color selection that would match well together. Let me give you an example, let's say your favorite color is orange, if you like how it looks then you can proceed and choose colors that would go well together with this color.

Remember that after you paint the room, your decor is what makes everything look put together, so take into consideration the color of your furniture, accessories, artwork and such before choosing your wall color(s).

Another very important thing you should remember to do is ask whoever you live with their opinion, if it's your loved one then ask him or her what they would like as well. If you make this decision alone, you might possibly envision yourself sleeping alone on the sofa.

Step 3: find inspiration and creativity

As I said before, the internet is here to make our lives easier. One way you can use this powerful tool is by finding inspiration online. Pinterest.com is one of my personal favorites. https://www.pinterest.com/ Find rooms and spaces that appeal to you, even if it's only one aspect in the room, then save it to a color board. It's just a matter of letting your creativity fly, sometimes you just need one image to catapult your creativity.

One of the easiest ways to choose interior painting is by taking a look at the decor and style that you want to use in that room, furniture, fabrics, rugs and accessories Look at your favorite artwork and pick colors from there.

Looking at photos of nature is a very easy way to see colors that go together. Ocean scenes, mountain scenes, animals, flowers and landscapes all have various shades and hues of colors in them that go beautifully together.

Nature doesn't mess up with color! Check these photos out closely and see how all the colors harmonize beautifully in each individual photo. Perfect inspiration for your color selections.

Step 4: get samples before actual paint

... and again I repeat...GET SAMPLES BEFORE ACTUAL PAINT!!!

If you are still not sure about which color to choose, then you can choose various colors, get some samples and see how your walls look like with them. Eventually, you will be more drawn towards one or two colors, then you can use them to build your color selection.

Please do not buy the actual paints until you are sure of your decision or you will use valuable space in your garage storing paints you are most likely not going to use in this lifetime.

Only get two to three samples of your main wall color. Paint them at least 10" X 10", larger if possible. Do not and I repeat, do not paint them side by side as this makes it too difficult to choose the color. Paint them on the same wall, in the same light but with distance between them. I often paint into a corner, a little on one side of the corner and a little on the other. That way you are able to see the color from different angles. I also recommend that you paint in an area that is well lit and an area that is dark. Color will look different in different light.

The other step is to check out the color in the morning light and then look at it again at night with lights on, as it will look different at different times.

After a day or two of checking the colors in various areas and various lights, you will start to lean toward a favorite. I promise, you will!

Step 5: read steps 1-4, do the steps, get the samples and jump in there

Yes, choosing your home paint colors can be a hard decision but not worth completely losing your mind over.

I work with people all the time helping them with color and most state they are completely overwhelmed, stressed and losing sleep over the decision. My job is to help them see that everyone can choose great colors with a little help and research.

And if it doesn't turn out as you imagined then don't worry, paint is not permanent, you can re-paint it later.

  1. use online internet tools to help you focus

  2. start thinking about your favorite colors, decor, clothes, cars etc.

  3. find inspiration online, pinterest.com, and closely look at color in nature

  4. narrow down your choices and get a few (2-3) color samples

  5. have confidence about your choices, select and get it painted

Don't stress too much about it, if you follow these steps, I guarantee you the answer will come naturally.

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