8 Ways to be a successful procrastinator

Are you highly organized & efficient? Would you like to relax a little and learn to be a successful procrastinator? Follow my 8 tips to procrastination & enjoy the journey.

Tip 1 : Since you have a ton of time to complete said project, perhaps days, weeks & maybe even months, be sure to sit back and relax before starting it. Why rush into it? Let's just savor the whole project experience knowing there is oodles of time before the dreaded deadline. After all, it isn't going to take all that much time once you actually begin the project.

This has successfully worked for me on numerous occasions as I watched the grains of sand slowly slip down. When I realized just about every speck of sand had reached the bottom, I hastily slipped into action and completed my project with even seconds to spare.

Completed in time, (barely), by a true Procrastinator.

What's the fun in getting things done in a timely & organized manner when you can easily do it at the last minute & keep those stress hormones alive and well?

Tip 2 : Over time in learning to be the queen of procrastination, I have found that having a messy & disorganized desk or work area is fundamental in adding to the chaos. Busy minds have busy, AKA: messy desks, right? (#procrastination #organized #tips) . A true procrastinator knows that all necessary elements for the project are on the desk or work area, ... somewhere. One must allow a wee bit of time to locate said needed article, but have full confidence it is there in the hot mess, ... somewhere. Looking for it at the last needed moment does allow for an extra kick of adrenaline.

Organized people are so calm. Procrastinators are more spontaneous & fly by the seat of their pants kind of people, making them so much more fun & unpredictable, since the jury is always out on meeting ones project deadline.

Tip 3 : Pinning on Pinterest is a procrastinators dream. With any looming deadline, going to pinterest.com and pinning your heart away is a sure fire way to win your Procrastinator of the Year Award. I know this to be a fact!

I have been a pinner on Pinterest for years & years. A true procrastinator knows that pinning on Pinterest is one of the most fun & peaceful ways to procrastinate. You can spend minutes, hours & even days pinning to your hearts delight. I have 3.4m monthly viewers & 140.8k followers on my pinterest boards. Yep, it's true!

Every morning with my cup of tea, I check my emails & then reward myself with my visit to Pinterest. I have been know to spend anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 days at a time there.


I have happily & successfully used Pinterest as a procrastinator tool for years. It is actually my favorite tip.

If you are too organized, have too much extra time & want to shake it up a bit, I highly suggest that you check out pinterest.com for an excellent way to learn some procrastination & putting off projects skills.

Tip 4: Plan on pinning a ton of ideas from Pinterest, which is a side benefit of procrastination. One easily becomes quite excited about all the ideas, crafts & projects that they find there. You start out with one idea board and before you know it, you have about 50 boards for all your future projects that you will or will not get to. True procrastinators know that pinning ideas to boards for future reference is another time tested way to avoid doing what you are supposed to be doing.

Spending this valuable time on Pinterest now allows you to add to your already busy schedule by now deciding to participate in oodles of craft projects that you never even thought of. ( #crafts #crochet #gardening #sewing #buildingarocket ) Now you get to go shop for supplies for all these fun projects that true procrastinators never have the time to get around to actually doing.

  1. English Language Learners Definition of procrastinate

  2. : to be slow or late about doing something that should be done : to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it, because you are lazy, etc.

Tip 5: Make lot's & lot's of to do & do it list's. The more, the better. Procrastinators love lists, thus showing intention. After all just because one procrastinates doesn't mean they don't intend to complete their project. I am a serious procrastinator & have a ton of these lists. Some are on my messy desk, some are in my car, some are on my messy nightstand. Some are checked off. Some are thrown away. Some are lost. The main point of this procrastination tip is that you must have many, many, many sticky notes all over the place. It really helps one to procrastinate simply be seeing the volume of all these reminder notes. The pressure of them can send one into a procrastination time out. Suggestion: When you become overwhelmed by them,..

BY ALL MEANS, go to pinterest immediately. It instantly calms & soothes a procrastinators heart.

Tip 6: A true procrastinator knows they have many projects to complete & easily have them stored up in their busy heads. The key to procrastination is to keeping these projects & ideas up there safely stored, and have them running & running & running thus helping one to keep from actually doing them in a timely fashion.

Organized people have these projects & ideas up in their head's also, the difference is that they actually do them, and on time.

Procrastinators seem to love the thrill of seeing how many projects they can accomplish on time with their backs against the wall.

Tip 7: All procrastinators know that as mentioned above, they do their very best under duress, with time running out & their back against the wall. (April 15 is a prime example). How many people in the drive up lane at the post office before midnight on 4/15 are procrastinators do you imagine? (#procrastination #timemanagement )

Organized people are all so calm and well, ... organized!

Procrastinators on the other hand are exciting & daredevils. They take chances,... with time that it! Can we get it done, complete, finished before time runs out? The not really knowing is where the whole thrill factor is.

Some of my very best work has been at the last hour. Stressful, oh yes, oh my, for sure, but pretty darn good.

Tip 8: Procrastinators be like: "I will DO IT LATER". It is the procrastination mantra. Why on earth would one do it on time, in a timely manner, with plenty of time, when they can totally do it later. Most likely they will be running out of time, but they didn't have to do it back then like organized people. They had extra time, like for Pinterest for example. (#doitlater #later )

So there you have it! My 8 tips to be a successful procrastinator. Hope you have enjoyed spending this time procrastinating with me. Hope to see you again soon.

Hope you will enjoy some of my pinterest boards during your Pinterest procrastination sessions.


Janice Kay

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