embracing my natural hair color: A Personal Journey

For over 30 years I had been coloring & highlighting my hair until one day I said enough! Let me share my journey of embracing my natural hair color, allowing my "natural" highlights to shine through and speak for my rocking baby boomer self.

When this circa 1957 baby boomer was born, I had a full & thick head of dark brown hair, along with dark brown eyes. My parent's weren't sure I was their natural born baby, since their firstborn, my older sister was blonde & blue eyed. But alas I was their's. I simply had a ton of thick dark hair.

As the years passed my hair lightened to a medium brown and I kept it that way through grade school, junior high & high school. It was something I never gave much though to, it was simply my hair. #personaljourney

The arrival of the dreaded "gray's", AKA: The Highlight Years!

I was just tooling along with different styles & cuts when in my 30's I started noticing all these gray hairs. What the heck! So of course, just like everyone else, I started coloring my hair to cover them. This was my fake, "natural" hair color. This worked out great, ... for a while. Then it seemed that the "gray's" were proliferating at quite a speedy pace & it became hard to keep up with all the coloring. My miracle solution: highlights! Highlights were the perfect way to help hide all the "gray's" while allowing me to be the stylin' fashionista I thought I was. I even learned to do my own hair coloring & highlighting which saved me lot's of dollars and oodles of time at the salon. #grayhair #babyboomer #grayhairdontcare #goinggray

In 2017 silver hair became quite popular & since I was tired of always having to color my hair, I decided to go for it. Ah-La-Natural hair color, no dyes, no bleach, just what my baby boomer head of hair had given me. I'm not going to lie to you, my personal journey to letting my hair go natural was not easy and was not always pretty. Often, it looked like I had forgotten to color it or was too cheap to do so. I invested in spray-on temporary root cover, headbands & scarves. I started to tell everyone, including complete strangers that I was doing it on purpose. I would even voluntarily part my hair for them to see my lovely silver strands. I was a nut! Some friends & even my beautiful daughter didn't want me to go natural & were not shy in telling me that it was a mistake & that it would make me look older. Say what? I am older.

Finally after 2 separate & relatively painful attempts, I reached my goal of my natural hair color, no more root touch ups, no more highlights no more fuss. And you know what? I love it and even get compliments on it from complete strangers. Who knew that I would have my very own natural highlights hidden under all the dye & bleach? If you are thinking about it, I encourage you to give it a try. Because I wear short hair, it took me about a year to have my own natural, no highlights hair. I am so happy that I finally embraced my natural hair color. Once you reach your goal, it is very freeing.


So if you are thinking about it. I say go for it!!! Feel free to contact me through my contact form for more helpful hints & ideas to get you through the process and your own personal journey. I had quite a few up my sleeve & will be happy to share them.

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