Do You Remember These Glitzy handbags from the 60's & 70's?

Blast from the past! Bee-u-ti-ful Enid Collins handbags from the 1960's & 1970's.

Beautiful "bedazzled" Enid Collins bucket style handbag from the 1970's. This one is titled, "Glitter Bugs". and has the small ec signature. Bugs were often a theme on her bags and they were the cutest bugs ever. This is one that I purchased in the late 90's, carried a few times and then sold.

Do you love Enid Collins handbags also? Well come along for the ride as I explore these fun, flirty & fabulous vintage handbags from the 1960's & 1970's!

Enid Collins was an artist who studied fashion designs at the Texas Women’s University. In 1958 she and her rancher husband started designing & making these glitzy & themed handbags in their own kitchen on their ranch in Texas.. Soon thereafter they opened their own factory to make these fun handbags as their popularity took off. They made wooden box handbags and linen fabric handbags as pictured above. The variety of these kitschy handbag is almost endless. The one pictured above is called, "road runner" with the Collins Of Texas signature.

Enid Collins Handbags were made in two types: wooden boxes with an interior mirror and linen fabric, wooden bottom bags.

Each of these beautiful handbag were hand painted and then decorated & bedazzled with crystals, sequins, rhinestones and beads. The fabric line handbags were trimmed with leather at the top, bottom & handles. She often used birds as her inspiration. They were happy, bright and fun themes often with an element of humor, such as the "Money Tree" handbag pictured above with faux coin adornments.

In 1970 Enid sold her company to Tandy who began to manufacture her bags. They used a horse symbol with the signature, Collins of Texas.

There are many different bag designs. Often there were several variations on the same theme such as Glitterbugs , Money Tree & Flutterbye. In the 1960's various Flower Power themed bags which were created and intended to appeal to younger buyers. These fun & fabulous Enid Collins handbags have proved to be timeless and are much sought after collectors items.

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