My 5 goals for this fall

Updated: 3 days ago

Fall is like a new start to me and with that comes setting some doable goals.

#1: Get moving, Get Healthy!

Okay, truth be told! I have gained weight since March. Ten stinking pounds to be exact. I think this is referred to as "Covid Weight". Looking back to March, I'm trying to figure out how it happened and this is what I think occured.

Firstly, when we had the "lockdown" or "stay-at-home" for around 3 months, we had a lot of big meals. I loved to make a big "brunch" of eggs, fried potatoes, bacon and toast about 3 times a week. Then we had a full dinner. That was on top of having a light breakfast a few hours befor our brunch lunch. That was the beginning of a little weight gain for me: more food than usual = more calories than usual.

Secondly, since I couldn't go to work, I wasn't moving very much. That, combined with staying in the house due to Covid 19 concerns contributed to more weight gain. As in ten pounds. 10 pounds I say!

My #1 fall goal is to eat less calories and move more! The motivation for me is all my tight fitting clothing. Even though I am currently working part-time from home, I still don't want to have my clothes fitting and looking so tight. I plan to get moving and get healthy starting today! Results to be revealed at a later date.

#getmoving #exercise #walking #eatless #healthy

#2: Make a to-do list, and then do it!

When this whole stupid Covid thing started and I realized that I might be shut in for some time, I thought that I was going to accomplish so much and learn new things. Not going to work, not going shopping, not socializing, I would have oodles of time on my hands to create, write, design, crochet, paint, blog and so on and so forth.

As time went by I realized that without structure, I was accomplising way less than I normally did. Now, almost 8 months into this I realized that I NEED STRUCTURE!

Starting today, (and it's true), I made a To-Do list of 3 items that I need to complete within this day. Guess what? I have already completed my 3 items and am planning on a fourth. Having a to-do list is just the right amount of structure that I need.

Since I have no idea how long this Covid thing will last and affect my life, my life needs to go on and I need to feel that I am actually accomplisihing things.

#3: Purge my clothes & shoes!

You know what I realized during this time of Covid? I have too much clothing and waaaay too many shoes, not to mention earrings, bracelets & necklaces & purses. After not even leaving the house for 3 months, it occurred to me that nobody actually needs 6

pair of leopard print shoes and 10 pair of boots and 75 pairs of earrings, ( I kid you not).

I started going though my closets, removing items that I never, ever wear, items that are flawed as well as duplicate items. Some I threw out, some I donated and the rest I am listing on Poshmark, Ebay and Facebook Marketplace. It takes a little time to do the listings, but it is helping me clean out my stuff and even make some money on it.

Purging my clothes & shoes is basically simplifying my life & this is my #3 fall goal. Covid made me realize that I have too much stuff that I don't really need, nor do I miss it when it's gone. Bye-bye unnecessary items in my life!

#4: Stop wasing so much time on Netflix, social media and other time thieves!

I have this little habit of wasting too much time online. There, I said it! It starts in the morning with my cup of tea. I check all my emails, I check in on my Etsy shop, I check on my Poshmark Shop, I check my bank account, I check the news, ... and then I land on Pinterest where I proceed to pin dozens of pins to my various boards and then wonder how 1-1/2 hours to 2 hours have elapsed and the morning is almost gone.

My #4 new fall goal is to moniter the time I spend online. I have decided to set a timer of 45 minutes to get that all done and then proceed with my other goals. Exercise. Healthy Eating. To-Do List. and Cleaning Out My Closet and Listing Items. (okay, I have to be online for that, but that is accomplisihing ,something not wasing time).

#webbrowsing #online #socialmedia #wastingtime

#5: Count my blessings!

With these difficult and uncertain times that we live in, it is easy to dwell on the negative! Let's face it, there currently are a lot of negative and distressing events in the world. Lately, I have been trying to change my negative thought process and think of the positive things I enjoy in my life. Goal # 5, stop thinking about the negative things and, ... Count my blessings!

Along with doing my to-do list, I am also going to start writing down 3 positive things, or blessings from the day before. This will help me to change my mindset.

I have so many things to be grateful for - my life, my family, my friends, my God, my beliefs about the future and so many more. Reflecting on and meditating about these things and then writing down my blessings will be a positive chore to do each day.

and so there you have it, my 5 goals to begin immediately with this brand new start, new fall season. Please check back to see if and how I accomplished them. Wishing you the best!



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