Vintage Inspired Baby Nursery!

I fell in love with the vintage inspired wallpaper my neice put in her baby's room and wanted to make something special for her and the new baby, Vivian.

Vintage Inspired Gray & Yellow Nursery

This lovely wallpaper is very vintage style, and we all know how I love me some vintage everything. My neice ordered the wallpaper through Home Depot. It is made by Brewster Home Fashions and the pattern number is: 312377316. It features beautiful stylistic roses in shades of yellow with teal, green and a soft blue background. Since I didn't want to trust the color shades through electronic device moniters, I was able to order a sample from Home Depot. With the 8" X 10" sample in hand, I went off to get some matching yarn for my crochet project. I bought three shades of yellow, 2 of gray, green and teal. Still not sure what I was going to make, I headed to my favorite search engine in the universe: I looked for crochet baby blanket ideas for yellow and gray. I then pinned about 5 ideas to my crochet board and checked out each stitch pattern in detail. I wanted a pattern that was easy to do but didn't look like a beginner did it. I finally settled on a free crochet stitch pattern that I found at It is called: Tulip Stitch.

Here are my yarn colors:

Since my neice is very artsy-fartsy and designery like me, I wanted to make something that she would actually keep in the room and not toss in a closet. I decided on a crochet blanket to hang on the crib. Since I now had the pattern stitch I wanted to do plus the yarn, I began to create my baby gift. Since the yellow colors stood out to me the most, I decided to feature them and enhance them with a little teal and green just like the wallpaper. I started with the yellow and it began to evolve from there. I think it turned out pretty cool, but due to poor planning the baby blanket was smaller than I wanted. I needed something more than just a small striped blanket to give to my lovely neice. Since it was a balanced stripe pattern, I couldn't make it bigger so I had to create a Plan B to add to Plan A.

Plan B

I decided that it would be cool to make a bolster pillow for crib decor or for a chair in the room. Again, I didn't know what I was going to make but I wanted it to be crocheted also and to coordinate with the striped blanket. Since the main colors for the baby's room are gray and yellow, I choose gray for the pillow. I did a tight single crochet for the pillow, all in gray. I made two matching rectangles and decided that I would sew them together and stuff with fiber filling. The more that I looked at the beautiful vintage inspired wallpaper I became enthralled with the stylistic roses. I entertained the thought of embroidery on the pillow. Then, I found an idea on, of course! I would do cross stitching on the single crochet rectangle to mimic the flowers and leaves. I used the same yarn as for the blanket and free hand designed the flowers. After I was happy with the result. I connected them with a crochet slip stitch to sew the two rectangles together and then stuffed the pillow. I still wasn't sure if my designery neice would like them, so I held off mailing them for weeks. Finally, I wrapped them and mailed them early in my week. I just heard from her and she LOVED my crochet gifts. Here are some photos of them in Vivi's Room.

Looking Good!

Crazy cool & a little bit wonky crochet floral pillow with striped blanket.

I really had a fun time on this project and using the vintage inspired wallpaper as a theme was the perfect idea for this. I think they look pretty darn good in the room. What do you think?

Until next time!

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