My Day 31 of social distancing due to Covid 19

Coronavirus Pandemic, AKA: Covid 19, has created a new reality.

Hard to believe that it was such a short time ago that life seemed normal. Going to work, eating out, shopping and social visiting. How did it all change so fast?

This is my 31st day of staying home. My family and I decided that since I am over 60 and have a compromised immune system that it would be better for me to stay home.

At first I thought that would be no big deal. What's a few weeks of staying home, being crafty and productive? I was going to #crochet, #blog, #sew and so forth.

#coronavirus #pandemic #covid19

Truth be told, 4 weeks later I have not been all that productive and not all that crafty. I did manage to crochet a shawlette and I did make 2 fabric masks, but I had plans to do oh so much more! What happened?

I had to make a deal with myself that I could only read a few highlights of the Pandemic situation 2 times a day and no articles with too many details of people suffering.

The first few days when the #Coronavirus was spreading in the United States, I was glued to the news, reading every single detail about it, the #pandemic, where it was, where it was heading, how many people died, how many people recovered, who was likely to get it and so on and so forth. I had 3 mornings when I woke up with #anxiety. The anxiety was about the unknown, what if this,... what if that,... what if,... what if,... what if! I decided that I had to change my direction and my thinking. This thing was not going to go away quickly and quietly like I secretly hoped. I realized that I would be staying in for some time and that it would be helpful to use my time more productively.

Part of my productivity plan was to work on this blog. Blog writing and I have had and still do have some issues. One day I am so on board with being a blogger and then a week or 2 or 10 go by and I forget all about my little blogging world. When I realized that today was my 31st day of staying in, I decided that I would start writing about this Coronavirus Pandemic #coronavirus #pandemic situation and how I have been handling it. Or not.

#socialdistancing #stayinghome

Step 1: Janice, start writing. Just start. Even if you are the only soul who ever reads this, just start!

OK, this is moi' starting to write for my blog about my experience with the Covid 19, Coronavirus Pandemic, Stay-At-Home situation, today, Monday April 13, 2020

(Not really a pic of me because I haven't been able to get my nails done in over 6 weeks. Canva photo girl with nice nails instead.)

Speaking of nails were we? I have been wearing acrylic nails for decades and I just want to say, "I love my pretty & glamorous fake nails with glitter tip's."

Needless to say, my beautymous nails are gone,... gone,... gone with the wind. I love my acrylic nails for 2 reasons:

(1) I love how they look!

(2) I am a nail biter, a serious serial nail biter. I might look adult, but when it comes to my fingernail's, if they aren't covered with an acrylic shield I will bite the heck out of them. Grown-up lady bitten nails hurt and are ugly.

This brings me to my first personal serious stay-at-home, pandemic crisis. What to do about my nail's. First I had to remove the out-grown acrylic nail's, painfully by chipping them off, mostly with my teeth, I then had to find a way to cover them. I ordered some glue-on ones online, feeling somewhat guilty since it wasn't necessarily essential, but in my nail bitten case, I felt it was.

I received them, cut them, filed them and tried to glue them on. 2 hours later,...

What a hot mess!

I've decided that I need to leave them on for now until I have a nail growing miracle or the Coronavirus will goes far, far away, like to an empty planet or somewhere.

(Please know that I realize there currently are more serious things going in this world than my nail's, but I am writing this as part of my journey during this really weird time in life.)

They make it look so easy!!!

Day 31 Stay-At-Home update complete!

My thought's and concern's are for all those that can't stay home and are out there helping in whatever capacity they can. Health workers, Store workers, Essential workers and so many more! Thank you, we all appreciate it! Looking forward to when we can all be out and about and feel safe again from this crazy Coronavirus situation.

Talk soon,

Love, Janice Kay

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