Paint-By-Numbers Can Be Very Healing!

Discovering and completing a paint-by-numbers kit helped me start healing from the painful loss of my furry best friend, Taji.

A week ago, I had to put my best furry friend of almost 15 years down. Making the decision was the very worst, I agonized for days. He was a precious gift in my life for such a very long and often difficult time. We went through so much together and I mean a lot!. I adopted him immediately after my divorce. Since he was so precious to me and gave me so much, I knew that I had to be with him at the end of his life journey and see him through it. I held him, I rocked him, I spoke softly to him and hugged and kissed him until he fell asleep. I stayed with him for some time after and wet him with my tears that wouldn't seem to stop. Such agony I felt! Still even now, as I write about him I have tears. My grief was so painful, that I began to question just how and if I was going to get through it.

I took this photo thinking of Taji!

The next day I went for a walk by the river, had lunch and went to a favorite store to get my mind off of the pain I was feeling. In the store, I spied an adult paint-by-numbers kit. I had viewed one online and was so impressed with how lovely it turned out. On impulse I bought the painting kit, took it home & started it that very afternoon. I was still in so much emotional pain but opened the kit anyway. I found it to be surprisingly relaxing and it took my mind off of the painful loss of my sweet little Taji.

I remember painting the old time complicated, small & tedious paint by numbers kits. Firstly, they were not a lot of fun and the finished result was pretty ugly and amature. But no more! I recently discovered a Paint By Numbers Kit for adults at my local Tuesday Morning store & decided to take the artsy craftsy plunge. ... Best decision ever!

The kit that I purchased was made by Pink Picasso. I bought it for $25. It included a 16" X 20" premium printed canvas, all the little acrylic paints that you needed and 4 paint brushes.

I snapped some photos of my progress & wanted to share them with you. At first I was very, very careful to stay within the little areas to paint. As I progressed, I started to paint a little outside of the areas and blend into another. I also added additional paint and brush strokes. Even though it was a paint-by-number kit, I didn't want it to look like one. I wanted it to be my own "original" I am even going to add my little guy's name hidden in the painting, for Taji.

The first paint strokes!

Moving right along!

My finished painting!

I am so pleased with the result of my painting and highly recommend that you try doing one too. This project literally saved me during the incrediblly painful time of losing my fur companion. The pain was so intense at times, but when I sat diown to paint, it helped me cope, concentrate on something else and look to the future. There are oodles of kits available online. Just search for: adult paint by number kits. This post is in honor of the sweetest little dog ever: Taji. I miss and love you!

Let me know if you try a paint-by-numbers kit. I would love to see your results.

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