Why am I starting a blog late 2019 when there are a zillion of them out there already?

Good question! This has been a goal of mine for many moons. I have attempted it on many previous occasions. I choose a domain name, logo and web host. Played around with a variety of them but gave up after a few weeks each time. All the articles out there imply that it is oh-so-easy to set up a blog with little money & experience. Not so, in my experience!

A little history. I've had my domain name: thevintagehandbag.com for ages & ages and love the title. Currently I have an active Etsy shoppe: thevintagehandbag. Additionally I have a huge following on pinterest as: thevintagehandbag, 2.7m monthly viewers and have always planned on sharing content with my followers from there. Problem was & still is, how to reach my blog goal of supplementing my income as well as having my own online boutique with very little website & blogging experience & a teeny tiny budget. But you know what? I am going to give it a shot, once again & hopefully this time it will take off.

If you have reached this page intentionally or accidentally, I want to say THANK YOU! Please follow along on my baby boomer blogging journey.


J Kay

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