Vintage JR, (Julius Resnick) Woven Handbag, with Colorful Velvet Flowers in Minty Condition!
New, not used, vintage handbag.
This lovely vintage handbag is a soft, off-white tweed fabric embellished with beautiful velvet flowers and buds in shades of pink, yellow & greens.  it also has green velvety leaves.
The interior is a soft white vinyl and has a kiss lock, large compartment purse
inside that is attached at the interior bottom.
Approx size is: 10-1/2" side to side across by 9-1/2" high. Handles have a 6" drop.
This gorgeous Mid-Century handbag was stored exceptionally well and
is in minty/excellent condition.

Vintage JR Woven Tweed Handbag, with Colorful Velvet Flowers, Minty Condition


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